LED backlit signs also be called as LED halo lit signs or LED reverse channel signage, only the back-panel is lighted. It’s a very widely used illuminated sign. Individual fabricated metal signage shell with halo lighting effect. Signage border bent by hand then welded to laser cutting surface, to form a hollow signage shell. The LED lighting is fixed in the signage shell, the light from the background helps the signage have the amazing halo effect.

It’s very good for house signs, shop signs, storefront signs, restaurant signs, building signs, hotel signs, hospital signs, retail store signs, lobby signs, trade show signs, corporate signage etc. It will work well whether it is exterior or interior.

By the way, according to some consumers, the backlit signs mean the signage surface is illuminated, because the signage factory use the neon or light bulbs as the light source before. They will place the lighting source on the back-panel then place graphics before it. But with the invention of LEDs, this idea became obsolete. We generally distinguish the signage option by the illuminated position rather than the light source position now.