LED Front-lit Channel Signs, also known as LED Face-lit Channel Signs since only the surface is lighted, is the most common type of illuminated signs; it can be very good to show the contours of the sign even in the night. Basically, light passes through the front face of the sign causing it to light up at night.

It’s very good for house signs, shop signs, storefront signs, restaurant signs, building signs, hotel signs, hospital signs, retail store signs, lobby signs, trade show signs, corporate signage etc. It will work well whether it is exterior or interior.

In Front-lit Signs, also called Face-lit Channel Signs, only the surface is illuminated, mostly using LED as light source. Individual fabricated signage shell with transparent surface which mostly use the acrylic or epoxy resin.

By the way, the acrylic surface could add vinyl or film to get the colour or graphics befitting the design effect.